Project Myanmar

After an exploring visit in December 2013 the EDA Foundation started to support an small local school in a suburb of Yangon Myanmar. A pre-school of the family Edwards. One of the problems in Myanmar is a school dropout of children on basic school of more than 60%. EDA supports this pre-school in expenses for books and materials.


During the year 2014 new ideas came up to push education in Myanmar, also sponsors adressed part of their funds to support education of children in this country.

So in last quarter of 2014 contact was made with Aid Myanmar, they support several projects in the area. See website and the aid myanmar facebook pages.


In 2015 two projects in Yangon Myanmar were added to the EDA project portfolio.

Both are supported by AidMyanmar foundation, run by Stephen & Marian Fortner (Can).


In Dala Township (Yangon) the project of Joshua and Ruth.

It is called : Hope Centre for Child Development  



The second project is in North Dagon(Yangon) by David and Didim.

It is called: New Life Orphan Home  



In 2019 the project "Water & School" has been started. By buidling waterpumps and drains to the centre of villaghesin rural areas,  now there is water available. Before children had to carry everyday jerrycans woth water to the their familyhouses.  In fact in 4 villalges this has been done. On top of that  EDA is supporting two local schools in the same area with school materials.


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